Marjolein van Rooij-Roeloffzen

Special occasion shopper

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How may I assist you?
As your special occasion shopper, I can help you find that perfect, one-of-a-kind gift. Are you a director, CEO or majority shareholder interested in giving your board members something with a bit more cachet than an expensive crate of wine? Looking for a bespoke work of art that is uniquely related to your business? Get in touch to discuss the guidelines and your budget, and I do the rest. I can also help you find a truly memorable gift for a special birthday, a wedding, an anniversary or retirement.

Apart from the above, I do ‘story telling’ and give artists advice on the look & feel + content of their social media channels and act as a sparring partner at large (e.g. for sales, marketing & PR). Such as www.vincentmock.com.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ or ‘happy birthday’ quite like a piece of carefully chosen jewellery, and the possibilities are endless. Making the right choice and finding that perfect signature piece can be difficult, however, particularly if your time is limited. Just give me some keywords or photographs of other items to give me an idea of the type of gift you have in mind and an impression of the recipient’s taste and style, and I can find exactly what you need. Whether it is a vintage piece by one of the grandes maisons such as Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermès or a jewel set with a particular gem in a favourite color. Or would you prefer to give a piece designed especially for the occasion? With my contacts in the world of fine jewellery in the Netherlands and abroad, I can find you a jewel that perfectly complements an heirloom or a piece that makes a more modern statement. I can also have jewellery custom designed and executed to meet the most exacting standards by contemporary artisans.

I can offer independent assessments and advice regarding jewellery storage, sales and auction strategies. Would it be a good idea to have the precious gems in an existing piece reset? Come to me for answer to that question or any other questions you might have about your collection. Where desired, I can also handle negotiations for the sale of individual pieces from your collection or handle the sale or auction of your entire collection.

Decorative and fine arts
Looking for a painting, a piece of furniture or a lamp to complete a room in your home or office? Not interested in a complete redesign, but want something special to freshen up your space and give it some extra flair? Get in touch. I have a good eye for design and details, and I can help you select beautiful accent pieces that perfectly complement your interior, whether your style is classic, contemporary or eclectic.

Last minute requests
Imagine… You receive a last-minute invitation to dinner at a potential client’s home. Arriving with empty hands is not an option, but what do you give your host and hostess? I recently received a call from a client late in the evening. She was flying to China to visit an important contact the next afternoon and had no time to find a suitable gift. I sent my client photos of possible gifts to choose from that same evening via WhatsApp. Early the next morning, I purchased the crystal objet d’art that she selected and then hand-delivered it to her, exquisitely wrapped, at her departure gate at the airport that afternoon.

My background
As a holder of both the Gemmology Diploma and the Diamond Diploma of the Gemmological Association of Great Britain, the world’s oldest and most prestigious education and qualifications body, I am entitled to use the coveted titles FGA and DGA after my name. My professional experience in gemmology and diamond grading includes an internship in the Fine Jewellery Department at Christie’s in Amsterdam and, since 2003, sales and gemmology consulting for Inez Stodel, the renowned jewellery and objets d’art dealer, during expositions such as the National Art & Antique Expo PAN in Amsterdam.

After working 12 years at various nationally and internationally operating organisations in the Netherlands, I was asked in 1997 to become the personal assistant of Alfred (Freddy) Heineken, of the world-renowned family of brewers. After Mr. Heineken’s death in 2002, I continued working for the family, assisting his widow and her daughter Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken in various capacities. My time with the Heineken family, which spanned almost 20 years, was full of exciting opportunities and challenges. My accomplishments for the family included finding special gifts for family members and their personal and professional contacts, furnishing and decorating various homes and guest houses and purchasing artwork from various periods. These activities, which were national and international in scope, required plenty of imagination, but also well-honed negotiation and planning skills.

In mid-2017, I decided to put my experience, talents, taste and skills in the areas of colour, design, personal styling, decorating and gifting to work in my own consulting agency, MVRR. I have a large network of contacts in a wide range of different areas and I also know where to find treasures that remain hidden from others. With my trained eye and well-developed sense of style, I am able to find gifts that are more than just surprising.

Marjolein van Rooij-Roeloffzen

Special occasion shopper